Preparing the bride

AYHVHAÉ pure pursue COURSE
online sessions

As the world is called into isolation – separated to be refined…

AYHVHAÉ Crystal Chante now has the opportunity to prepare His Bride and share HIS Word and message in preparation as ‘The Bride of Christ’ via multiple online platforms.

“This is a wonderful time to truly press into intimacy with Yeshua, at His feet in preparation for what is to come!”

To all the Bride(s) whom I will be preparing in this time, 

I would like to encourage you in reminding you that this is the time to seek your First Love first as I will be guiding you on this Pure Pursue journey in your worship getting you 

– Faithfully Bride Ready –

as a Pure Bride. Spirit Bride. Priestly Bride. Warrior Bride.

Proverbs 31 wOmen we are...


Explore the true you…

Sparking your intuition and running with what you have been placed on earth to become. Finding your true identity on an intimate journey with your creator. 

Purity Preparation! A platform of hope and guidance.

Leave behind a legacy of who you truly are and who you were born to be.