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When Living Our Truth In Him Becomes Undeniable…




Hi there!

My name is Crystal Chanté,

AYHVHAÉ is our Brand and Kingdom Business Ministry  YHVH God The Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit- and my Brand;

For it will be:



GOD-YHVH is the Brand, “The fruit of life in Him”.

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our mission...

“My mission is to empower people to take ownership of their lives through Christ Yeshua our Messiah by starting with our choices!

Choosing life in every moment and finding it in the Word of YHVH – And tasting the fruits thereof as it becomes alive in your own life.

YHVH has given me new life and I intend to use every second of it in obedience unto Him, moving as He speaks!”

This serves as a story of Victory in HIM as I bear witness to this– Life, Way and Truth in our Risen Messiah (The anointed one to be King) who is ALIVE!

For what I have seen cannot be unseen and now to share the Word of YHVH to all nations, tongues and tribes.

Blessed to be a blessing to all.



The Following footage may be disturbing for sensitive viewers 

Yet it is the Loving Testimony of Him and should be seen through the Love lens of our Heavenly Fathers Heart, an encouragement and beacon of hope…


There is NEW LIFE after Trauma, no matter in what form you have experienced Trauma in your life, 

 You are welcome to walk with me as I share His Testimony and His Word and how He started Transforming my life when I was completely broken and surrendered. I was gifted a new life, I was restored. Within and through the beauty and simplicity of His Word that becomes alive in and through us here on earth as in Heaven.

Join us on this journey of discovery and becoming complete…

ezekiel 16:6-8

"but on that day when i passed by you,
it was like the passover in egypt,
through the blood of the lamb on the door posts
i passed over you and saved you from death"

Heart & Home

Raised mostly in Golden Gauteng JHB, born in Sandton South Africa. I had the privelege to finish my Bachelor of Arts Degree Majoring in Psychology as well as finishing my LLB Law degree at the North-West Provence University (NWU), currently residing in South Africa.

“I am most at home spending time with YHVH and in HIS nature as He inspires me through each Word in His scripture, through every sound, sight, smell, taste, prayer; miracle, person, child and wilderness within His creation.”

Born a worshipper-singer and would love to complete my first Music Album EP, travel-singing and to be a blessing with every breath within me, as I was called to be His worshipper in heart, spirit and in truth. 

Studying the Hebrew language and the Word of God YHVH, sharing His good news and message to all through the word of my testimony in Him within this New Name AYHVHAÉ, Brand and Kingdom Business Ministry- YHVH has gifted me, instructing me to be the steward of AYHVHAÉ with Him, with all I have to give in serving Him as an Ambassadress of His Kingdom of light and love, rooted and built on His every Word.

“My highest calling in life is my intimate relationship with God YHVH and the instrument He gifted within me, my voice, in serving Him and His people -ushering them into intimacy with their maker -into a lifestyle of worship. Connecting our hearts with His heart over us.”

Glorifying our Beloved Most High forever!

AYHVHAÉ launch

AYHVHAÉ launch

“I AM calling My beloved into the garden of My presence”. 

“Bring them to the garden” He asked. 


For on a day,

I woke up and found myself in a completely sovereign place before The Force that created my very being. A Force that stuck with me since this day, 28 January 2018. 

A Force that has never really left my side.

Too intense to shake or share in full as it is something indescribable and surpasses every logical, scientific and reasonable explanation. Yet it was a familiar Force. A Force I had known in my deepest being. A Force I never once doubted in existence throughout my life as it was all I had at times. A Force I was invited, confronted & conditioned to believe in and introduced to, through different means and perspectives.

This Force has revisited and reintroduced, this time without interference or influence of man. This Force, the most powerful Force there is. The Force whom created and whom governs earth and all known and unknown. The Force trusted for making all things possible.

The very Force we were born from. The Force that delivered me from death and gave me new life.

This Force came to live and dwell in full force within me and I dedicate my life in sharing the very heart of this Force and what I have seen, experienced and been introduced to within this Force.

This Force…  The Heart and Love of our Beloved King YHVH!

From that day, I can truly say and declare that there is nothing I am more sure of than – HE is alive. 

And so, I asked ABBA to share HIS heart with me…

I asked ABBA to be the middle, the beginning and the end of EVERYTHING in my life. I asked ABBA what HIS purpose was with this testimony of the life HE has so graciously given me for HIS glory and what to do with these Kingdom Principles ABBA has shared with me in finding my heart and identity in HIM.

I asked ABBA to guide me in applying what HE has placed within me and written on my heart- to serve HIM and HIS people, for HIS glory alone.

And so AYHVHAÉ by Crystal Chanté was born.

ABBA’s Heart through the extension of HIS Hand through my being and the burning desire I have in my heart for my first love- Father YAHWEH and HIS Hearts desires for my life and the life of HIS Beloved.

ABBA now asked of me to take it to the people, to take it to the nations…” 

At ABBA’s feet…

The inspiration of ABBA’s Heart through my destiny in HIM, I now carry the Brand he has placed within and upon me as HE has purposed me to be HIS representative, HIS Brand Ambassador of which ABBA shared with me:

“it will be The Brand You Wear From Within,

where you will Feel MY Love Glow”.

Brand Ambassador of a new name ABBA has given me- AYHVHAÉ By Crystal Chanté which describes my deepest being in HIM and what I stand for- HIS Love, eternity and faith, wisdom lead creativity, loyalty, compassion, fulfillment and completeness in Father YAHWEH.

Crystal Chanté meaning “Christ Carrier of Peace” where ABBA has sealed my purpose, name and instruction in serving HIM completely. 

In love with my first love, the lover of my soul-


in who’s Spirit I now live and who’s Spirit lives within me.

Carrying a piece of ABBA’s heart in everything within our (ABBA and my) Brand AYHVHAÉ, A “Godly Inpired Brand” and Ministry where the work of my heart will be… 

my ministry, my purpose fulfilled and my legacy.

-Crystal Chanté Global Ministries-

A moving ministry he has named it and given me a sound instruction in a dream where I heard HIS voice saying: “your purpose is to help prepare MY Bride”. 

I believe it is ABBA’s heart for us all to be awakened as HE is calling you purposefully back to HIM. ABBA has also given me instruction as a part of my purpose to share HIS heart in the blind faith we should have in HIM without seeing or knowing the outcome of everything yet knowing life leads to HIM eternally and to not be blinded by the things of this world in order to see things for what they really are. Declaring HIS word for the things in the spirit to come alive in the flesh as HE is awake upon HIS Word alone.

And so this is my Ministry, to share my heart and this Brand with you to wear from within and to feel HIS Love glow, constantly staying in that intimate place where HIS Spirit and Love dwells of which we will bare fruit with HIS character and reactions and where the most powerful force within ABBA’s perfect Love will triumph for all eternity as HE guides me in introducing HIS heart to HIS people and sharing HIS heart in how I should help in preparing HIS Bride- HIS Covenant people.

All my love

Crystal Chanté