In the Garden of My presence…

Olive Orchards called to entwine their growth in Me, to go through the fire where I define your being, as you go through the process of refinement; cold pressed, hot pressed to share a taste of who I AM as you come closer into Tabernacle with Me. There We dwell together from where you shall carry My Fragrance to share with all who has longed to come closer.

The golden tone of your oil is not important. The flow of My presence in you is what being in my garden – My Olive Press- is all about. 

Allow Me to press and test you for My River of Golden abundance to flow from within you as you lay down your life for me…

 “I will make her an Oil Press – an enclosed garden in My Sanctuary, planted to bare My fruit. For I AM the Vine and you are the branches and the oil will flow from your ministry in Me. This is what you take to the people – the anointing and the ministry that flows from your fruit of obedience where you lay your life down.”

John 15:5


Olive Oil speaks about the Holy Spirit and HIS anointing, the Olive Tree symbolizing Israel and its oil symbolizes the olive press process of being sanctified, purified and refined where the olives are let to grow, harvested in season, pressed and pruned, through applying heat and cold to get the oil after they are crushed. As keepers of the faith we go through this process as well where we are refined to be usable in HIS Kingdom.

The Messiah meaning – ‘The Anointed one’ – The purest fuel providing the purest light


my oil was my blood...

Father YAHWEH delivered this message through a dear fellow keeper of the faith on 07 March 2018 in her book the SHAMA which has been a key to unlock many things because of her obedience. 

“When I came in the flesh, My Love for My Father flowed in obedience unto death. When I was in the Garden of Gethsemane My fruit(olives) were pressed, on the cross it was crushed and MY oil was poured out on you, I had to give Myself. I had to die and My Fruit of obedience was pressed. The oil being My Ministry. My Oil was My Blood, My Oil brought salvation unto you, deliverance and healing. My Oil changed everything. I had to die and My Fruit of obedience was pressed. The same way in your walk with Me, you will not just blossom with love for me, you will not just bear fruits of obedience, but to walk in My will you will also be in the Garden of Gethsemane.” 

On 12 November 2019 we had the privilege of walking through the Garden of Gethsemane where many revelations had come to life and I received a vision where I sat nestled in His ancient Olive tree as His Oil, His Blood, His Ministry was poured out over my being in Him in preparation for what is to come forth in my ministry and life for His glory alone…